1. Three More Fun Facts About Ice Cream!

    A little bit ago, we treated you to a few fun facts about everyone’s favorite frozen dessert. Because ice cream is so beloved and so interesting, we thought we’d do it again! If, halfway through this post, you feel like running out and grabbing some delicious natural ice cream, stop by Cruz Crea…Read More

  2. Perfect Holiday Ice Cream Flavors

    Now that fall is here, most of us have started to plan for the upcoming holiday season. Whether we’re getting lists of gifts for our friends and family members together or we’re trying to decide what to serve for Thanksgiving, this is the part of year where we spend a lot of time preparing for t…Read More

  3. Three Interesting Ice Cream Facts

    At Cruz Creamery, we love ice cream! While that’s probably obvious, what you might not have guessed is that we like to nerd out about the world’s favorite frozen food from time to time. In today’s blog, we’re scooping up a serving of five fun facts about ice cream that are sure to be a hit t…Read More

  4. What is the Difference Between Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt?

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  5. Why Our Natural Ice Cream Tastes Better

    One of the best things to happen to food over the last couple decades is the move back towards natural foods. It might seem strange to imagine a time when natural foods weren’t everyone’s preference but however it happened, we’re finally starting to come out of the other side. While “natural…Read More