Here at Cruz Creamery, we love to have fun and give our guests the amazing sweet treats that they crave! No matter what time of year or what the occasion, Cruz Creamery is the best new ice cream and frozen yogurt place in the area. In addition to our self-serve froyo selection (made from the best natural ingredients) we also serve crazy tasty natural ice cream from Santa Cruz’s own Polar Bear Ice Cream!

From classic favorites like root beer floats and banana splits to zany new treats and flavors of ice cream, at Cruz Creamery we’ve got it all covered. Try your favorite ice cream in a cone or in a waffle cone bowl, chill out with some tasty iced tea or lemonade, slurp down a smooth strawberry shake, or relax after a workout with a fresh fruit smoothie!

Our ice cream shop is set up to allow you to spend some quality time with your family and friends or as a great place to take a class full of kids or an office full of hard workers. Our classic styling feels traditional and comfortable but also brand new and exciting.

We’re a family owned business that takes pride in everything we do, which is why everything we make is so good. Our standards are very high because we know that doing things the easy way doesn’t make something the best. There’s nowhere quite like Cruz Creamery, so please come on in and enjoy one of our super-scrumptious snacks the next time you’re in the mood for something sweet!