1. Did Not Disappoint

    Was very excited to try this new place out and it did not disappoint! They have local ice cream made by Polar Bear Creamery and 36 different flavors to choose from. The people who work there were super sweet and encouraged me to try as much as I wanted (I had 9 samples). I went with the Mexican Chocolate and Coconut Coffee on a hand dipped cone. My bf had some of the frozen yogurt with fresh fruit…Read More

  2. The Atmosphere of the Place is Awesome, Everything is so Clean and I Love the Way it’s Decorated!

    Went here last night with my boyfriend. He got ice cream (vanilla and chocolate/peanut butter) while I had a mix of froyo. He loved the ice cream and I loved the froyo! Excellent selection of toppings and flavors. The atmosphere of the place is awesome, everything is so clean and I love the way it's decorated. I docked one star because all of the froyo's (I sampled them all) were just slightly mel…Read More

  3. There are Lots of Options!

    Now there are four local ice cream shops within walking distance. If you love Polar Bear ice cream but don't live near capitola village or the Costco near Santa Cruz fear not!! This place opened a few days ago and I can already tell I am going to be here a lot. For now they have Whole Foods desserts but will soon be getting Kelly's Bakery. There are lots of options! About 20 flavors for Polar Bear…Read More

  4. This is Definitely the Place to Go

    What a great place; very different from the other ice cream shops in the area, but not so different where it turns you off. If you're with a group of people, or even if you're indecisive about whether you want ice cream or fro-yo, this is definitely the place to go. They have both options so no matter what SOMEONE is bound to leave happy; not to mention they have a TON of ice cream flavors! My hus…Read More