This is Definitely the Place to Go

What a great place; very different from the other ice cream shops in the area, but not so different where it turns you off.

If you’re with a group of people, or even if you’re indecisive about whether you want ice cream or fro-yo, this is definitely the place to go. They have both options so no matter what SOMEONE is bound to leave happy; not to mention they have a TON of ice cream flavors!

My husband and I went and I had gotten the island mocha…chocolate-y but rich in coconut taste (without the overwhelming gag factor of it) all in one. So great, totally worth trying! My husband got the strawberry ice cream shake and he loved the fact that the shake was thick and substantial (not like some other places where the shakes are very whimpy). And they put a TON of whipped cream on his; did not skimp on that either!

The ladies behind the counter were super nice too, they were very helpful in our decision-making process and did not rush us at all. Even when more people came in they were able to handle multiple parties at once without messing anything up.

Lots of room for groups to hang out, some parking space but no biggie. Very clean, neat, and lots of natural light.