While most foods aren’t so interesting or delicious that you would want to learn more about them, ice cream is a big exception! Absorb the incredible history behind everyone’s favorite frozen dessert and then experience the wonder of one of the world’s most beloved treats at Cruz Creamery!

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The Proto-Ice Cream Origin Story

While it is impossible to pin down the exact moment ice cream first graced our planet with its glory, there are references in history to everyone from Alexander the Great to Nero enjoying snow flavored with fruit juices and honey! While it isn’t exactly ice cream, the desire for these desserts showed that human beings have long loved something both cool and sweet.

Ice Cream Starts to Take Shape

Marco Polo returned from the Far East with directions for making what we would now call sherbet and in the 1500s both the English and the Italians seemed to create ice cream at approximately the same time.

It remained a dish only available to the most wealthy and important people in Europe because of how difficult it was to make — remember, refrigeration was still a long ways off!

Ice Cream in the United States

While it took time for ice cream to make the journey from the Old World to the New World, once it did, it took off big time! Some of the most important people in American history loved ice cream. For example, Presidents George Washington and Thomas Jefferson loved to get their sweet tooth fix with bowls of ice cream! Over a single summer, Washington spent roughly $200 on ice cream (almost $5,100 in today’s money), while Jefferson later had his own personal recipe for vanilla ice cream.

Following the spread of insulated buildings full of ice (ice houses) in the 1800s, more and more people were able to eat and enjoy their favorite frozen treats whenever they wanted! As refrigeration technology continued to advance, ice cream became easier and easier to produce and purchase.

Today, Americans consume more than 1.5 BILLION gallons of ice cream every year! It’s a truly astonishing number, though we don’t hold the record for the most ice cream eaten per capita. While the average American eats approximately 5.5 gallons per year, the average New Zealander eats a whopping 7.5 gallons every year!

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