Now that fall is here, most of us have started to plan for the upcoming holiday season. Whether we’re getting lists of gifts for our friends and family members together or we’re trying to decide what to serve for Thanksgiving, this is the part of year where we spend a lot of time preparing for time we want to spend with the people we care for. At Cruz Creamery in Santa Cruz, we like to help you enjoy and use your time as efficiently as possible so we’ve got a few tips to help you pair ice cream with your upcoming holiday meals and parties!

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Thanksgiving Flavors

For most people, Thanksgiving meals are full of the traditional dishes: turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie. If you want to switch things up a little bit, we have a few recommendations to take your dinner to the next level. If your dinner is mostly full of savory dishes, any flavor of ice cream will put a nice capper on the meal.

Vanilla goes well on top of warm pumpkin or apple pie, or try a tropical fruit flavor for a little hint of the warmer summer months at the end of the night. Rich chocolate flavors pair nicely with warm cider or coffee, and adding some preserves or jam to vanilla (or any flavor, really) is a great way to brighten up any dish of ice cream!

Christmas Flavors

While we don’t have snowfall to deal with here in Santa Cruz, the end of December is still colder than a lot of us like and cold treats aren’t the first thing that we tend to reach for when it’s chilly out. However, there are some flavors of ice cream that are a great way to celebrate the holiday.

If you have pie, vanilla ice cream is a great addition. If you just want to have a bowl of ice cream, adding some warm chocolate sauce to it is a great way to warm you up! For an extra bit of delicious, bracing cool, try some mint chocolate chip ice cream.

New Year’s Eve Ice Cream

Before you start watching what you eat once the clock strikes midnight, make sure to enjoy yourself on New Year’s Eve! Since it is a night to celebrate, you should get whatever you want! Pick your favorite flavor and get two scoops with all of your favorite toppings or try a new flavor! Be adventurous and live it up!

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