Ice cream is one of everyone’s favorite treats. Not only do frozen yogurt and ice cream taste amazing, they’re also two of those desserts that everyone loves to share (or at least recommend a favorite flavor if you’re not too keen on letting someone snag a spoonful of your favorite treat!) It is in that spirit of deliciousness and sharing that we write these blogs, so today we thought we would talk about a few of the occasions where ice cream is always a perfect addition to the party! We’ll even offer a few flavor suggestions that can take a party from traditional to trendsetting!

If you’re looking for the most delicious and most fresh ice cream in Santa Cruz, Cruz Creamery is your best option! We sell natural Polar Bear Ice Cream that is made right here in town by talented ice cream chefs who know how to bring flavor to the next level! Our frozen yogurt has a texture and flavor that puts everything else to shame! Or, if you’re in the mood for something warm, try a sundae with hot fudge sauce or a delicious cup of coffee!

Ice Cream Birthday Parties

Nothing says ‘happy birthday!’ like an ice cream cone! Getting ice cream on your birthday is a tradition whose origins we might not be sure of, but is one that we celebrate. Whether you’re young or just young at heart, ice cream will help you remember how important it is to forget your age sometimes and to just enjoy yourself!

Recommended flavors:

  • Birthday Cake
  • Rainbow Sherbert
  • Anything you want — it’s your birthday!

Celebratory Ice Cream

If your little league team just won their tenth game in a row or your team at work completed a project ahead of schedule, you deserve a delicious ice cream treat to reward yourself! While we don’t work hard just to get a reward, it does help to know that there is something sweet waiting at the end of a difficult journey.

Flavors to celebrate with:

  • Rocky Road — for those times when you and your team faced a “rocky road” to accomplish something great!
  • Coffee — perfect for when you need a little boost after crossing the finish line!

Other reasons to celebrate with ice cream:

  • Birth announcements
  • Promotion at work
  • It’s a day that ends with a “y”

Ice Cream is Always Great!

While we only listed two times when ice cream and frozen yogurt are great treats for a celebration, there are really no limitations to what ice cream can be used to celebrate! Observe personal anniversaries, proclaim your birthday a new galactic holiday, or honor a friend with a day dedicated to the world’s favorite cold dessert!

At Cruz Creamery, you’ll be able to enjoy some of the planet’s most delicious frozen yogurt, ice cream, smoothies, shakes, and more at a clean and comfortable ice cream parlor that has the newest flavors and a classic style! Stop by with your friends, coworkers or family members today, or give us a call if you have any questions!