Santa Cruz’s best new frozen yogurt shop

  1. This Isn’t Your Grandparent’s Frozen Yogurt!

    When we started Cruz Creamery, we knew that we wanted to build an ice cream parlor that felt homey and familiar, but we didn’t want to offer just the same old things on the menu that you can get anywhere else. That’s why we decided to pack our coolers full of natural Polar Bear ice cream and the…Read More

  2. What is the Difference Between Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt?

    If you love having a sweet, cold treat on hot summer days, you’ve got a lot of options. At Cruz Creamery here in Santa Cruz, you can choose from a variety of ice cream and frozen yogurt. While these delicious, creamy treats might seem similar, they’re actually very different. In this blog, we wi…Read More