When we started Cruz Creamery, we knew that we wanted to build an ice cream parlor that felt homey and familiar, but we didn’t want to offer just the same old things on the menu that you can get anywhere else. That’s why we decided to pack our coolers full of natural Polar Bear ice cream and the most delicious frozen yogurt you’ve ever had!

Frozen yogurt has sometimes gotten a bad rap. Some people think it doesn’t have a lot of flavor, while others aren’t impressed with the texture. Sure, it offers some benefits over ice cream (lower fat content, usually fewer calories), but that isn’t enough for people to go out of their way to try it. Luckily, at Cruz Creamery, we serve YoCream frozen yogurt!

YoCream has what no other frozen yogurt has — deep, rich flavor, and a creamy texture that is so perfect, you won’t believe you aren’t enjoying a dish of ice cream! Come in today to try one of our many froyo flavors and see that it can be just as delicious as ice cream! Even more surprising, is that all of the flavors we sell have either no added sugar or are fat-free. If it sounds like it’s too good to be true, trust us when we say that YoCream is darn near magical!